I can reserve an item for a maximum of 24hours, with no money down.

If you need more time, I do offer layaway for up to 8 weeks with a maximum of 4 payments. Typically I invoice through Paypal. Payments can be made at your convenience so long as the final payment is made on time. 
The down payment, is 1/4 of the total cost (including shipping and sales tax if applicable), will hold the item and is due upon receipt of the initial invoice. 

Please note that I do charge a 10% Cancellation fee. 


Plan Duration:
Up to 8 weeks
Down Payment:
1/4 of total *
Returns Accepted:
Exchanges Accepted:
Restocking Fee:
None **
Cancellation Fee:
10% **
*Down payment applies to the percentage of the order total, including shipping and tax. 
**Cancellation Fees apply to the total purchase price of the item and DO NOT include shipping/handling or sales tax, which are the responsibility of the buyer.